SAMA are an established Italian Company specialising in contemporary trimmings for garment,
swimsuits, underwear, and metal accessories for the leathergoods industry.
Our diverse range includes: sequins trimmings, satin-sheer and beaded ribbons, bows,
flowers and applications.
Magnetic snaps packed in their well-known brown boxes, our products have been present in
the leathergoods industry ever since locks began to be used.
Our range has also undergone innovative restyling characterised
by highly accurate finishing and new technical features.
Buckles and other metal accessories for bags and belts.

You will find an array of colours, shapes and sizes in our catalogue. There is something to
compliment each
one of your designs.

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Via Brigattti 58/D - 20050 Ronco Briantino - MI - Italy
Tel + 39 039 68160.1
Fax + 39 039 68160.320